5 year lease @ $741 rent per year

you could walk in tomorrow and start operating  you would own the building and all contents

THE ELLENBOROUGH FALLS ATTRACT over 30,000 people a year  


With the latest border closures the kiosk is busier than it ever has been in over 36 years!


The kiosk is "off the grid" and operates on LPG: the brand new Goldstein commercial Gas Stove 2020 and fridge 2017 and hot water system.


There is no mains power and with the new Telstra tower phone reception is available at the reserve. 


The present building is situated on crown land and I have had a lease with Greater Taree Community Reserves, Reserve Trust (the Trust) since our inception in 1984. Now Mid Coast Council.

The Expenditure and takings in the kiosk can fluctuate with seasons though we have seen an increase in tourists over recent years bringing an increase in trade.


At present the kiosk is open Friday Saturday and Sunday and every day during school holidays. We have opened during the week over the lunch period and there are plenty of people on the roads but I do not have the energy to do this just now. This little business would suit a family moving to the area. 


The kiosk can cater for large groups,  we have catered to 120 people for a War Veterans event, and I catered to 50 people for the Westpac Helicopter rescue service fundraising event. Luncheons and morning teas for Elders from groups in the Manning have also been catered for.


Other than the general store the kiosk is the only food outlet in Elands so you have a captive audience.

If you're interested please contact Barbara to talk through the possibilities that can come from owning this business. 

Phone 02 65504429 or Mobile: 0427 290 934 Email: barbarajac@gmail.com

2014 War Veterans Remembrance Drive Assoc. organised unveiling of the Neville Reginald Howse VC memorial at Ellenborough Falls.

The kiosk catered for over    120 people