The kiosk has been operating at Ellenborough Falls since 1984 serving fresh made and baked food on the premises. Our food is appreciated by visitors from overseas and all around Australia. Visitors are often pleasantly surprised to see us there being in a remote corner on the Mid North Coast. 


The kiosk originally started as a caravan artistically painted all around in Local Flora and Fauna by artist Naomi Leago. The dear little caravan lasted 15 years and was replaced in 2000 with the present building.  And yes we are off grid, we use LPG for the stove, fridge and hot water.

It’s government health regulations that all goods are baked on the premises, this is something that goes down particularly well with visitors to the Falls to actually see pies, sausage rolls, cakes, baked in front of their eyes, some say it is unique and they should do this more often themselves. We also offer hot and cold drinks, teas and real hand pressed coffee and local information. The local wild life are free to observe but please do not feed them! Dogs are permissible on a lead.