The Ellenborough Falls never runs dry - after heavy rain it's a powerful force 

Falls viewed from side platform                                               view opposite Falls from platform

top of the Falls                                                                                view from the top looking straight down

Boys enjoying the water hole in summer

Stunning walking tracks, check out the Knoll  Directly Opposite View of Ellenborough Falls:
The knoll is a 450m walk to see the falls in full. You can stand opposite the great Ellenborough falls at a slightly lower elevation level than the falls. This walk begins from the path closest to the kiosk. The path begins a decent to some stairs. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs you will come to a sign the shows you directions to both the bottom of the falls and the knoll. If you are planning to do both we strongly recommend completing the knoll first. This section of the walk takes only around 10 minutes to complete one way. It offers gorgeous views into the valley and takes you over stunning little bridges. You get to capture glimpses of the falls as you make your way to the official viewing platform. The walk can continue on once you reach the platform although if you are after a shorter walk it’s recommended you return the same way back to get to the bottom of the falls.

Blue Knob (Kaoraoa) at 1014 metres, is one of the highest peaks in the forest with Panoramic Plateau Views of the surrounding country. On a clear day Taree and the ocean is visible. There is an established picnic site. A 20min drive from Ellenborough Falls.